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About Us

Greg Kloberdanz started Land Architects in April of 2005 after working in the industry for 10 years prior. As an experienced development consultant of more than 22 years, he offers a unique approach to otherwise main stream design and development solutions. Dedicated to identifying and acquiring the right land for the right project, and utilizing the most innovative technologies on the market, Greg takes advantage of green infrastructure and sustainable design methods to design and implement a quality and unique final project.

Understanding the process for development is relatively simple if you select the right parcel of land within the right and follow the local requirements and demand that meets the needs for that specific community. Otherwise, you will find yourself fighting against the entire community from day one. Finding the right piece of land for a project is crucial for implementing any project in an effective and efficient manner while meeting a specified scope, schedule, and budget.

Land Architects has spent 22 years perfecting a process for land development that can be applied to any project that starts by creating a cross-functional team of professionals, including Architects, Engineers, Environmental Experts, Surveyors and contractors to meet the specific needs of a project. Not all projects require all of these professionals, so its important to understand from the beginning what is required before any construction begins. Working out any issues at the planning and approvals stage is much less costly than at the construction stage.

Licensed LEED Green Associate (GA) ~ Registered Professional Landscape Architect (PLA) ~ Member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI)